Standing Elliptical Bike


Standing Elliptical Bike Flywheel System 10kg (22lbs) Inertial Weight 29.2kg (64.3lbs)
Resistance Range 1 – 8 Levels.
Strong, Durable and Reliable
Stride Length 14″
Pre-set Programs /create your own workout program.
Console Features Large-multi blue back-light LCD window display
Console Feedback Console feedback – Scan, Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, RPM, Watts Control, Calendar Function, Indoor Temperature, Recovery, Heart Rate
Heart Rate Hand Pulse Grips & Receiver
Max. User Weight 120kgs Adjustable for maximum capacity in the saddle up to 18×13 x 9cm Max. Height 2 m Head Size 30mm Rear View Mirror with 3D graphics front/rear Surface Mount Bracket Front: 20 mm – 45 ° Side : 28 ±6° Rim Angle ~11º Vertical Movement Left + Right, Up + Down Horizontal or Diagonal The rear view mirror is placed behind the rider’s head when riding a bicycle of standard bike frame width without pedals. It also allows precise adjustment of height as well; just follow the lines on the body side if you are holding them at shoulder level!

Standing Elliptical Bike is for hand and legs move at same time and porovides lasting full body movement exercise.

Here you can learn how to execute different moves, use your own skills in technique on this wonderful bike.

You will be able put up new tricks every day as they come through from now,



Embark on a transformative fitness adventure with our Bodyfit Standing Elliptical Bike  personal trainers. With their expertise and enthusiasm, you will discover the joy of reaching new levels of athleticism. Standing Elliptical Bike is best way to exercise and get healthy fit at the comform of your Home..


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